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About Consult Plus
Consult Plus is a human resource consultancy company specialized in offering training services and organizational development. Our main objective is to offer the best consultancy services for our partners in order to help them achieve their goals raising their profits and company development. The Consult Plus team guarantees high quality information offered to our clients and high standard services.

Our clients are both national and multinational companies, coming from different fields of activity: IT&C, customer service, sales, education.

Consult Plus Advantages
Focusing on the clients wishes and needs. The Consult Plus team approaches all customer requests in a pragmatic way starting from the targets contained in the business plan of the client company. Utility and quality of the provided services constitute a watchword. The multidisciplinary team includes specialists from different fields which have developed their expertise by participating in numerous training programs for adults at a national and international level. Expertise, enthusiasm and involvement are defining characteristics for the Consult Plus team. The Consult Plus methodology includes tested and scientifically and empirically validated work tools and methods which have proven their efficiency in various contexts and activity fields. The great results obtained up till now constitute the warranty of our professional approach.

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