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Evaluation Center

The Evaluation Center Program consists in using multiple evaluation techniques in order to determine a persons potential (knowledge, customs, and competencies) for successfully meeting the requests of a certain position in an organization.

Why an evaluation center?

The results obtained from the activities carried out within the EC allow taking various decisions at the clients organization level, in the human resource field, such as:

  • Promoting or involving some of the employees in new projects or activities
  • Identifying training needs of the employees at an individual or team level
  • Designing plans for the professional growth of the employees.
  • Recruiting and selecting personnel for employment purposes

The duration of ongoing activities within the EC may vary from one to three days. In these activities the participants are involved in a series of practical exercises similar to their work tasks. The simulated situations are planned and structured by the evaluators in a manner which determines the specific behavior of the participants. Based on the behavior, valid predictions are made concerning the possibilities of ones success on a certain position within the organization. Data obtained from analyzing the practical exercises are combined with the information drawn from interviews as well as with the results of the psychological tests. In the end, we obtain an overview on the potential of the human resource the organization is willing to invest in.
EC is lead by a team made up of specialized Consult Plus evaluators together with evaluators from the client company, previously trained in this sense. The purpose of the valuators is to observe the behavior of the participants, to classify and evaluate their competencies during the simulation exercises.
Competencies evaluated within EC usually are:

  • Interpersonal influence and persuasion
  • Managing potential
  • Planning and organization of work
  • Initiative
  • Analysis and Synthesis
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Oral Communication

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