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These days, talent is the strategic advantage on the work force market. The recruitment and selection service finds the right people for the jobs within your firm. The recruitment and selection process is carried out in more stages, completed in partnership with our client.

  • Evaluation involves obtaining complete and accurate information about the job characteristics and solicitant company. Based on this information the summary description of the job is offered to the client who has to approve of it. Also, the client will be presented with the recommended recruitment strategies together with an estimation of the necessary time span for the recruitment process.
  • Recruitment aims to identify those candidates whose psycho-professional profile matches the demands and conditions of the job. This stage involves using numerous and varied informational resources: Consult Plus data base, Internet (recruitment sites), ads in the press.
  • Selection offers the possibility to estimate which of the identified candidates is the right person for the job. These persons are evaluated with the help of psychological and professional tests, established according to the specific of the job in question.
  • Presentation of candidates is done on the basis of a report regarding the professional activity, level of education and other skills each candidate has
  • Assisting the integration of the employee at the new working place guarantees a fast and optimal adaptation of the new employee in your organization. With the help of Consult Plus specialists, an initiation plan for the first few months of activity of the new employee is made.

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