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Team building
Team building is a method through which you can achieve different organizational objectives, thats why Consult Plus offers a large range of team buildings. Consult Plus transfers each employees energy into a collective force. The team is your business propeller!

Thus, a teambuilding can take into account the organization as a whole or certain work groups.
  1. Organization level:
    • organizational socializing
    • maintaining the feeling of belonging, creating or strengthening the organizational identity
    • support in the organizational intervention.
  2. Group level/ structural or functional unity:
    • creating or consolidating a group
    • improving the effective performance of a group.
As for the types and techniques of abilities used, they vary from tracking and quest to more complex scenarios, followed throughout the whole teambuilding and real activities (from cooking to survival). Consult Plus offers outdoor or indoor teambuilding, soft or extreme, considering the clients profile and the participating team. Wind, rain, waves, sand, rocks and mountain trails are our trusted allies. Milestones for success.

Also, through our special packages we meet our customers requirements to cover certain training needs, through experiential learning which can be comprised in a teambuilding program, offering activities focused on specific problems like decision making, negotiation techniques and other.

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