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Professional Development Training

Consult Plus offers integrated professional training and teambuilding services aiming for establishing a long term partnership with its clients. Based on a review of the momentary instruction needs of the organization, we first determine the objectives of the intervention and then we design professional and personal formation and development trainings. Implementation of training programs is each time followed by an accurate and objective evaluation of their effectiveness. Our training and development programs are always adapted for your specific activities and business being seconded by the latest news in the field.


By participating in these programs the employees will acquire, consolidate and adopt a large range of habits, skills, abilities and competencies, managing to face the requirements of a competitive environment in continuous change. Our purpose is to increase to a maximum the knowledge and preexisting abilities of the participants, based on involvement, experience and practice and offering a great deal of information. By seeking and implementing the Consult Plus programs we guarantee a significant improvement of your expertise in the development of business and human resources.


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