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One of the Consul Plus target groups is represented by management teams. For this, special leadership assessment and leadership development programs have been conceived. These programs permit evaluating leadership potential, not only by specific aptitude tests, but also by situational tests and extensive observations in a natural environment. Also, leadership development sessions allow for the development of leadership abilities and merging and unifying the management team in a relaxed environment. Usually the Leadership training program is offered along with a leadership teambuilding package.
Teambuilding for managers and leaders has the following objectives:
  1. Managers/leaders get to socialize in an informal environment.
  2. Developing through experiential learning, in a new environment, the most important leadership abilities. This learning procedure will be facilitated by exercises specially designed for the participating managers, which will have as a starting point data determined by the evaluations performed on the managers according to a double standard: the ideal profile of a leader according to the organization they are a part of and a standardized test for the abilities of each particular manager.
  3. The jointing of the team, work growth within the team, so as to best valorize each members abilities. The team as a whole should benefit to a maximum from the individual resources of each of its members.

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